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Launch: June 27 - July 1 + July 4 - July 8

Promo: June 13 - June 26

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Christy Wilhelmi - https://springintohealthyfood.com/christy
Dr. Elaine Ingham - https://springintohealthyfood.com/elaine
Greg Peterson - https://springintohealthyfood.com/greg
Heather Andrews - https://springintohealthyfood.com/heather
Jason Matyas - https://springintohealthyfood.com/jason
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD - https://springintohealthyfood.com/joel
Kristin Parsons - https://springintohealthyfood.com/kristin
Paul & Edwin Dysinger - https://springintohealthyfood.com/dysinger
Dr. Steven Masley - https://springintohealthyfood.com/steven

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD - June 27
Paul & Edwin Dysinger - June 28
Dr. Elaine Ingham - June 29
Greg Peterson - June 30
Heather Andrews - July 1
Dr. Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, CNS - July 4
Jason Matyas - July 5
Christy Wilhelmi - July 6
Kristin Parsons, NCIDQ, LEED AP, PDC - July 7
Host: Michele McLellan - July 8

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Subject line: Experts teach you to Spring Into Healthy Food!

Hi [First Name],

I want you to meet one of my friends, Michele McLellan who is an Expert Gardening coach and is passionate about teaching aspiring and experienced gardeners to easily grow organic food free of toxins!

When first learning to grow her own vegetables and herbs, Michele was challenged with knowing where to start, what to grow in her climate, and how to maximize the amount of food grown! So over the years, she learned the secret is in the soil as she learned how to make compost! Along the way, Michele taught her son to garden from a young age and  learned the shortcuts for a successful organic vegetable garden.  Her passion is to share that knowledge with you!

She has created an interview series called: Spring Into Healthy Food: How to Easily Grow Organic Food Free of Toxins! 

In this series, she interviews experts who generously share their knowledge to have you confidently grow your own organic food! I happen to be one of those experts! How exciting is that?

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link >> [Personal Tracking Link]

This is a woman who has figured out how to make organic gardening fun and creative as you can grow varieties of vegetables for you and your family not found in a grocery store. One day from her home garden she literally picked 8 ½ pounds of cherry tomatoes and 2 day later, 5 ½ pounds! Amazing!

Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

  • How much sunlight per day is needed for your vegetables
  • Busting the myth that growing organic food is expensive
  • The health benefits of knowing your food was not sprayed with chemicals
  • How to make compost
  • Inspire you with recipes ideas for your organic food

These conversations are short and full of gardening wisdom!

So let me ask you this? What would it be worth for you to hear from gardening and health experts to teach you how to have an abundant organic vegetable garden?

For me? It would be worth a lot which is why, I won’t only be a featured expert speaker, I will be watching right along with you!

Register here with your complimentary ticket so you can listen in!  [Personal Tracking Link]

[Signature of the speaker]

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Subject line: I wish I knew this when . . .

Hi [First Name],

I remember when I was first wanting to start an organic vegetable garden and I had no idea how to get started. How much sunlight is needed each day? What is the best soil to use? What can I plant in the spring/summer/fall? Do I make compost? Buy compost? I just did not know where to begin!

That is why I am so happy to introduce you to my friend, Michele McLellan who is an amazing Expert Gardener. Michele has put together a virtual event to teach you to easily grow organic food free of toxins called SPRING INTO HEALTHY FOOD!

Michele gets it! She has cracked the code from years of gardening, teaching, education how to make your gardening fun and create an abundant number of fresh vegetables and herbs! 

As a featured expert on this event, I have a COMPLIMENTARY TICKET FOR YOU TO ATTEND!

YOU CAN GAIN ACCESS HERE!  [Personal Tracking Link]

This is for the person who has been dreaming of starting or improving a home garden but just needs to gain the confidence and know how to jump in with both feet! And hands! lol

Just so you know you can watch this from your phone or computer when it is a good time for you!

[Personal Tracking Link]

And you’ll be joining us as we change the world, one organic garden at a time!

[Signature of expert]

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Coming Soon!

Newsletter Blurb

Please join me as I am a FEATURED EXPERT ON THE SPRING INTO HEALTHY FOOD 2 virtual event!

I want you to meet one of my friends, Michele McLellan who is an Expert Gardener and passionate about teaching aspiring and experienced gardeners to easily grow organic food free of toxins! 

Join us June 27th - July 1st  and July 4th - July 8th, 2022

Get access here: [Personal Tracking Link]

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