Kristin Parsons, NCIDQ, LEED AP, PDC

Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Gardening


Gardening and growing food has always been a part of Kristin's family dynamic. In the first part of her adult life, she grew food as a hobby and an escape from the long hours of her desk job as an interior designer. Working in architecture and the built environment, she craved nature. As years passed and more people asked her to help them design their yards and gardens, she saw an opportunity to utilize her design expertise in a new way. In 2015 she made it official and has been designing edible landscapes ever since. Her half-acre farm in Scottsdale, Arizona is a demonstration yard where she hosts tours and workshops amongst 110 fruit trees, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Her three-and-a-half-year-old son is already quite the gardener himself, and even her husband has taken a liking to the plants! The farm is host to two dogs and a dozen Muscovy Ducks, and Kristin is also involved with 2 school gardens as well as a nonprofit farm. During the pandemic, she began putting her knowledge into an online learning library which is growing as fast as she can get it built and recorded!

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