Ria Mestiza

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Meet Ria

Ria Mestiza is the daughter of ‘green thumbs’ who personally strives for an organic, low maintenance and sustainable home garden. She has been voted the #1 Health and Wellness Coach in Australia for 2021. A coach to ambitious high achievers who want to embody the health and confidence they desire. She is the Founder of Fitsique Wellness & Performance and the host of “Summon Your Superhuman” Podcast.
Ria empowers people about how they can maximize their untapped inner strength and potential. Educating the benefits and techniques for implementing health and wellness in a viable way.
She is a unique all-in-one health practitioner specializing in Remedial Therapy, Kinesiology and Energy-Based modalities. With over 20 years’ experience in training & nutrition as a competitive athlete. Transforming clients and speaking to audiences all over the world she is dedicated to impact & inspiring a life beyond expectations.

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