Michele McLellan

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Meet Michele

Michele McLellan, Master Gardener is the host of this virtual event Spring Into Healthy Food with the mission to teach people to easily grow organic food free of toxins. Growing up, Michele helped her dad in a  small backyard garden. As an adult and a physical therapist, she has worked for several years in a functional medicine clinic where the goal is to get at the root cause of illness and to promote optimal wellness.

In America, many people think we have a health care system, but Michele would argue that we actually have a sick care system. Our health starts with our choices of what we put on the end of our fork and thus into our mouths. Eating food free of toxins such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides ruins our gut microbiome and thus our immune system. By making compost which Michele calls “Black Gold”, you can increase the nutrition density of your vegetables and herbs as well as create “volunteers” aka free food!

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